Sustainability Consultancy

Energy Audit

As the world becomes more conscious towards energy consumption detailing the demand for properly conducted energy audits is increasing. Xenergi has competent personnel in the various fields to carry out comprehensive or specific audits as per customer requirement.

Green Building Certification

Currently the world is immersed in the green building sector to preserve nature and the environment for our future generations. Xenergi have qualified personnel
with Green building Index Facilitator and LEED which can guide in achieving green building credential from the Green Building Index Council (GBIC) and LEED for your building.

Building Conditional Assessment

A Building Condition Assessment (BCA), also known as a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA), is a systematic inspection, review, and report on the state of a commercial building’s structure and systems. It is often compared to a home inspection, but it provides more detailed information and is necessarily more complex due to the nature of and requirements for commercial facilities.

Energy Performance Contracting

EPC is an innovative result-driven procurement contract that utilises the energy savings and revenue gains to pay for the project cost.

EPC model involves investment from private/financing sectors in making the building energy efficient and thus lower the annual operating expenditure on utilities for the client.